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Highland Dance

Scottish Highland dance is graceful and dynamic while drawing on hundreds of years of Scottish heritage and history.


MSCDA is proud to have some of the most creative and experienced Highland dance teachers in the United States as active members.


Connect with local, regional and national competitions and performances for dancers of all skill levels.


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When you become a member of the Minnesota Scottish Celtic Dance Association (MSCDA), you join a friendly, volunteer-led community that celebrates Scottish dance, culture and tradition. We welcome new and experienced dancers and their families from all backgrounds and heritages.

Membership benefits include sponsored performances and competitions, discounted rates for special events and workshops, dancer scholarships, and so much more.

MSCDA brings together individuals, families and dance organizations across Minnesota and proudly offers a wide variety of opportunities to participate – there’s something here for everyone.

You don't have to be a Scot to dance like one!

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Dance Schools

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The Twin Cities Scottish Dance Academy

The Twin Cities Scottish Dance Academy was created to spread Scottish Highland dance throughout Minnesota. The Twin Cities Scottish Dance Academy is dedicated to the education of Scottish Highland dance for students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. TCSDA strives to instill in each student a passion and love of the art that is Scottish Highland dance.

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