About Highland Dance

11024655_10204966433375717_4589942575112675549_nScottish Highland Dance is a traditional form of solo dance that can be traced back to the early 1200s in Scotland. Originating with the Scottish military, many Highland dances tell the stories of some of the most famous battles in Scotland’s history.

Scottish dancing was originally restricted as a male-only dance until the late 19th century. National dances, which are more graceful and balletic, were developed as a way for women to compete in Scottish dancing. Character dances such as the Sailor’s Hornpipe and the Irish Jig were popularized in vaudeville shows in the early 20th century.

Today, both women and men dance traditional highland, national and character dances. And interestingly, women and men compete side-by-side; there are no gender-specific categories in Scottish Highland dance. Dancers are divided only by age and ability!

Throughout the years, Scottish dancing has become popular and today is seen in countries all around the world.

Scottish Highland dance is filled with the rich history of Scotland. Being very technical in nature, dancers work for years to perfect the steps and dances that are filled with Scottish tradition. Through strength, artistry, and dedication, Scottish dancers are immersed in a rich and enchanting culture. It does not matter if it is done for fun, to stay in shape, to connect with a heritage, or for whatever reason, Scottish dancing benefits for people of all ages and capabilities.